ITE 221 Blog Posts

Labor Day is just around the corner, and even though we are technically still in the height of summer, the retail industry is busy reminding us of the shortening days and our obligation to start buying stuff for the colder seasons. This includes the appearance of Halloween items in every second supermarket aisle since about a week ago. I guess the official Halloween season has expanded to more than two months now? Anyhow, this reminds me, that I should brush off my zombie resurrection skills to get ready for October… What better way to do this, than by resurrecting a dead blog? A blog, which, after its birth half a year ago, barely managed to stay alive for more than a single day? Yes, I am talking about this one…

So here it is: my official second attempt to start blogging! Some of my upcoming posts might be rather boring though: I need to write weekly blog entries on computer technology as a homework exercise in a class that I am currently taking at the Northern Virginia Community College. Instead of starting a new blog for just this purpose, I decided to integrate my homework posts into this preexisting blog. Most of the posts should fit in rather well, but there might be a few odd balls. Should you be specifically interested in the posts of this series (meaning, that you are probably either my teacher or a class mate) you will be able to find them all in the ITE 221 category. Have fun! Or at least… don’t get too bored reading this stuff.

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