You have entered the Personal Web Space of Steven Golden, Geophysicist by profession, and Coder by heart. Look around to learn about my daily Code and Butter. If you are another Coder, chances are that much of it will be the same as yours!

Okay, I got the domain name and a matching tag line… now what? Seems like I still have to come up with quite a bit more content and design than what I have right now. This will take some time! Unless you find the little content on my blog already rewarding, I can only hope that you might come back someday later. By then there might be more to find. In the meantime, why not check out my other homepage.

Aside from my blog, this site has a bunch of other, mostly hidden, folders. Those are “sandboxes” for all sorts of Web design experiments. Should you somehow stumble upon one of them, you are welcome to look around. Just do not expect anything to actually work, unless it has been “officially” published.