Hello world!

After several months of contemplating, I finally decided to give blogging a try. So here it is, my very first official post!

A few weeks ago, I set up a shared hosting account with A2 Hosting, and bought the domain name codeandbutter.com to go along with it. At first I considered this Web space primarily as a “digital playground” to try out some Web design ideas, learn how to write PHP, and do similar experimental stuff. Maybe the front page could eventually be used to host a traditional online résumé or something similar. That was, once I would find the time and energy to actually write something up for it. I also considered maybe adding a blog, just to give it a try, but this was not intended to become the main purpose of this site at first.

So I installed WordPress and started playing around with it… and to my surprise it turned out to be much more fun than expected! I quickly converted some programming notes, which I found laying around idle on my desktop, into experimental private blog posts, and started adding additional material to them. In no time I had written more than expected and said to myself: “Well, you have been thinking about publishing some of your thoughts for way too long already…” (I had previously made several unsuccessful attempts at starting traditional home pages, and once seriously experimented with starting a Wiki.) “This is the moment to finally just start doing it!”

I do not know, where this will eventually lead… if anywhere. Maybe, a month from now I will have lost interest, once my initially enthusiasm has worn off. (With most of my projects, this seems to happen rather quickly.) But maybe I will actually keep posting. Only time will tell. Expect most of the posts in this blog to be of a rather technical nature: I have not chosen a strict topic yet, but for now plan to focus on coding issues. But I do not rule out, that completely different topics may find their way into this blog as well.

Okay, enough of this boring introductory blurb! Time to work on my “first real” post instead, which will be a somewhat polished version of one of those aforementioned programming notes.

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